As a manufacturer of precision engineering components for critical industrial sectors such as aerospace, RJ Engineering’s philosophy is to maintain a flawless attention to detail through every manufacturing process to ensure that our manufactured quality components are delivered on time and to specification for all of our customers.
To ensure the optimum quality of our components, we employ a strict quality assurance system that comprehensively complies to the stringent requirements as laid out in ISO9001:2000. We believe that quality is not purely the responsibility of our inspection department but is ongoing throughout the complete manufacturing process. Therefore, inspection is built into each stage of the production process right from the role of our Directors and through to our Machine Operatives.
Our ongoing inspection process fully utilises our comprehensive inspection facilities which benefits from a stringent policy of only using strictly controlled calibrated measuring equipment which are used by our experienced engineers. In addition and after manufacture, all components pass through our final inspection department to ensure compliance with specification prior to delivery to our customer.
Through this philosophy, our customers experience a premium quality product produced on time and within a competitive budget.

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