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3D scanner accuracy:
Objects up to a length of 400 mm: up to 0.05 mm (average 0.1 mm)
Objects from a length of 400 mm: up to 0.1 mm (+ 0.3 mm/m)

Possible output file formats:

Requirement of objects to be scanned:
Almost all types of shapes can be 3D scanned, but deep indentations/holes are very difficult to capture with the scanner and therefore need to be post-worked (if necessary). We can treat any scan with our Solidworks software, according to the client's requirements.

Requirement of the surface to be scanned:
The surface should be opaque and as matte as possible. If it is shiny/reflective or too dark a washable chalk spray is applied for the scanning process. In this way, the 3D scanner can better capture the structures. This layer will be removed after the scan is done.

Cost of a 3D scan:
The duration of the scan or the resulting costs are not necessarily determined by the size, but by the complexity and shape of the object. Normally, for objects with a volume of less than 300 cubic meters we charge a cost of 30 euros, for larger objects it will depend on the size and complexity.

How we work:
You can send us your items in person (by appointment) or by mail, we can also go to your home to do the scanning, we are located in the Community of Madrid area, we will charge the trip according to the distance from our workshop to your home. After a few days, you will receive your object and we will send you the scan in digital format by email.
We can also post-process the scan and modify it with Solidworks on request, the scanned object can also be printed in case of plastics or CNC machined in case of metals or wood, in case of metals if it is not possible to machine due to its shape we also offer sand casting service



1 review for Servicio de escaneo 3D

  1. Miguel

    I wanted to replicate a carbon fiber intake, with the digital representation it has been easy to create molds and finally the intake

  2. Fred

    digital scan received in 7 days, precision is good, happy with the result, at a demolition price

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