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Who we are and what we do

RJ Ingeniería is a team of engineers with extensive experience in the Motorsport sector, carrying out different engineering works for individuals and companies throughout Europe.

We are based in Madrid, and our main business is within Spain, however we have clients throughout Europe and the UK.

We have created this Web store, mainly to provide services in the 3D Area and Metal/Wood Machining, since we have a team of high-quality printing machines that we use to prototype the parts and a couple of CNC machines with a precision of 0 .01mm.

These are some of the areas in which we have experience:

  • 3d design for manufacturing in different materials.
  • 3D scan to CNC production.
  • Stress/torsion analysis and aerodynamic analysis with Solidworks software
  • Tuning and maintenance of racing cars.
  • Wiring design for racing cars, working with the best aerospace materials including Raychem DR-25 and Mil Spec cables and connectors.
  • Electronics in general, we design and market Racing power distribution modules capable of handling 200 amps with 8 or more individual power outputs capable of handling 20 amps and configurable number of inputs, controlled by a PIC microcontroller and automotive power switches Infinity Smart.
  • TIG welding in different materials such as Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel and Titanium.
  • Racing engine/gearbox rebuild.
In the middle of an electrical installation with our PDU & steering wheel formula AIM and ecu EFI Euro 8
Inspecting a batch of machined 7075 T6 parts
Checking for leaks in valve seats BWM M3 S54 engine
Inspecting our PDU
Stand design for calculating degrees of camshafts
Checking camshaft clearance in BMW M3 S54 engine

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